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VTEX Connect Europe unveils the future of digital commerce

Digiu Digital Group’s team had the incredible opportunity to attend VTEX Connect Europe, held in the vibrant city of Barcelona. The event, renowned for bringing together the brightest minds in digital commerce, proved to be a transformative experience, offering deep dives into upcoming trends and innovative strategies. A meeting of minds VTEX Connect Europe serves as a critical platform for industry leaders to share knowledge and drive the future of digital commerce forward. This year, we were thrilled to engage with CIOs, CEOs, and other decision-makers from across the globe. The connections forged here are not just about networking; they are about building lasting partnerships that drive success and innovation. Highlight of the event was the opportunity to engage directly with Prakash Gurumoorthy, General Manager – EMEA & APAC, and Thiago Borba, Head of Sales & Marketing at VTEX, which added rich layers of insight to our discussions. Insightful sessions and revolutionary ideas The core of VTEX Connect lies in its sessions, each packed with actionable insights. Experts from various sectors presented their visions for the future, discussing everything from advancements in technology to new retail strategies that are set to redefine the marketplace. Key sessions included talks on the integration of AI and machine learning in e-commerce platforms, sustainable practices in digital operations, and the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behavior. Each presentation provided a glimpse into future trends and also offered practical advice on how businesses can adapt to these changes effectively. Anterior Pr√≥ximo Innovative technology on display The expo floor was a hub of activity, showcasing the latest solutions and services from top tech companies. Interactive demos allowed attendees to experience firsthand how these technologies could be implemented to enhance their operations. From advanced analytics tools to cutting-edge customer experience platforms, the innovations displayed were nothing short of revolutionary. Building for a brighter future What sets VTEX Connect apart is its focus on not just where the industry is today, but where it will be tomorrow. Discussions were not limited to current technologies but extended to predictive insights about where digital commerce is headed. This forward-thinking approach is what enables businesses like ours to stay ahead of the curve. As partners of VTEX and leaders in digital transformation, Digiu Digital was proud to participate in this event. Our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to enhance customer experience and streamline operations was reinforced through every interaction and session. We left the event not only with new insights and ideas but with a renewed energy to drive our initiatives forward. The future of digital commerce is bright, and we are excited to be a part of this dynamic industry. As we look ahead to the next edition of this and other incredible events, we are inspired to continue our journey of innovation and leadership in digital commerce. The insights gained from this event will undoubtedly shape our strategies and solutions in the coming years.

How AI is Transforming Customer Experience

By Emilio Osete Hello, there! Emilio Osete here, CEO of Digiu Digital. I wanted to share with you some news from the last few months.  As AI technologies advance, they’re becoming essential in helping businesses connect with their customers on a deeper level, making interactions more predictive, personalized, and satisfying. Enhancing Customer Interactions with AI One of the most exciting aspects of AI is its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and predict what customers need before they even know it themselves. This means businesses can create incredibly personalized experiences that truly resonate. For me, this is the heart of what AI brings to the table. “AI isn’t just about responding to what customers want; it’s about anticipating their future needs and providing solutions before they even realize they need them.” Emilio Osete, CEO of Digiu Digital This forward-thinking approach has been a game-changer, and I’ve had the privilege of discussing these innovations at several key industry events recently. Anterior Pr√≥ximo CX MAD SHOW – Madrid On May 8, 2024, Digiu Digital proudly hosted the CX MAD SHOW in Madrid, in partnership with SAP and AUSAPE. It was an extraordinary gathering where we delved deep into the SAP Intelligent CX suite. We discussed how this advanced platform transforms customer engagement through seamless and personalized interactions. It was a great success, filled with innovative ideas and real-world applications of personalization, AI and automated engagement strategies, showcasing how it can optimize decision-making and improve service delivery in real-time. SAP Innovation Day – Barcelona We had an incredible time sponsoring and participating in the SAP Innovation Day for CX, held at the iconic America‚Äôs Cup BCN on May 24. This event attracted over 500 industry professionals and featured inspiring presentations, including a highlight from Pau Vir√≥s, eCommerce Manager at Abacus, our customer since 2022. He spoke about the success of our B2B E-Commerce project. His words reflected the positive impact our solutions are having in the market, and we are proud to collaborate with them on their journey towards digital transformation. At this event, we explored how AI integrates seamlessly with SAP platforms to revolutionize customer interactions, and how predictive analytics can help businesses understand their customers’ behaviors better. “By integrating AI with SAP’s robust tools, we transform data into actionable insights, giving our clients a competitive edge in customer engagement.” Looking Ahead: The Future of AI in CX The discussions at these events have made it clear that as AI technologies continue to evolve, they will redefine customer interactions, making them more predictive, proactive, and personalized. This shift from reactive to anticipative customer service is poised to significantly boost customer loyalty and satisfaction. The integration of AI into CX strategies offers immense opportunities for innovation. Businesses that harness AI effectively will lead in customer engagement and satisfaction, setting new industry standards. It’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of this transformation, and I’m eager to see how AI will continue to shape the future of customer experience. Other Recent Events AUSAPE Webinar on SAP BTP Integration During this webinar, I delved into the technical side of integration and automation with the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). I emphasized the importance of continuous learning and the need to thoroughly understand the solutions available on the market and how they can be effectively integrated with the SAP ecosystem. With so many options available, staying abreast of the latest trends and developments is essential to optimize our processes. We discussed the complexity of integrating multiple solutions into the SAP ecosystem, from adapting existing systems to proactively monitoring for errors and discrepancies. AUSAPE Forum 2024 – Granada As proud sponsors of the AUSAPE Forum since 2018, Digiu Digital was excited to participate in this prestigious event on May 28th and 29th. The AUSAPE Forum is the largest gathering for SAP users in Spain, attracting over 1500 attendees and around 80 partners. Our role goes beyond sponsorship; we lead the Customer Experience (CX) group in AUSAPE, showcasing our commitment to driving digital transformation. Our team demonstrated how our CX tools personalize customer relationships and significantly impact business success. Disaster Night – Barcelona On June 3, we promoted, together with Spryker and Valantic, the Disaster Night. This event was a unique opportunity for professionals to share stories about significant occurrences in their business careers, including epic failures and memorable coding errors. It was an engaging and enlightening experience, highlighting the importance of learning from mistakes to drive innovation and success. Thank you for taking the time to catch up on our latest news! If you have any questions or want to learn more about our events and innovations, feel free to reach out. Here’s to an exciting future in customer experience! Best regards,Emilio Osete

Digiu Digital at the SAP Innovation Day for CX Spain 2024 in Barcelona

We had the pleasure of attending the SAP Innovation Day for CX Spain 2024, held at the iconic America’s Cup BCN in Barcelona. As one of the highlighted sponsors of the event, Digiu Digital joined industry leaders and technology experts to explore the latest innovations in customer experience. IMPRESSIVE ATTENDANCE The event attracted over 500 industry professionals, including business leaders, technology experts, and representatives from sponsoring companies. The impressive attendance demonstrated the interest and relevance of the topics discussed. Many of our clients were present, including Estrella Galicia, Logista, Abacus, and Actiu. It was inspiring to see so many forward-thinking companies gathered to learn and share their experiences. INNOVATIONS IN CX Throughout the day, strategies for intelligent CX and the circular economy were presented, along with several success stories from prominent companies. It was inspiring to see how artificial intelligence can elevate the customer experience, driving success in sales, commerce, customer service, and marketing. A highlight of the day was the presentation by Pau Vir√≥s, E-Commerce Manager at Abacus, who spoke about the success of our B2B E-Commerce project. His words reflected the positive impact our solutions are having in the market, and we are proud to collaborate with them on their journey towards digital transformation. Artificial intelligence can elevate the customer experience, driving success in sales, commerce, customer service, and marketing. The day concluded with an inspiring session by Quico Taronj√≠ and the presentation of the Intelligent CX Awards 2024 to several leading companies, celebrating their achievements in enhancing the customer experience. In addition to the talks and interviews, attendees had the opportunity to participate in practical sessions and workshops that covered topics such as personalizing the customer experience, AI applied to CX, and the circular economy. Participants were able to interact with experts and learn from real-world cases. The event also offered a networking space where attendees could connect with industry colleagues, share experiences, and establish business relationships. Informal conversations and collaboration opportunities were an integral part of the day. CONCLUSION With the presence of numerous attendees, the event was a great success, reflecting the growing interest and importance of customer experience in today’s business environment. We thank SAP and SAP CX for organizing this event and providing us with a platform to share our ideas and learn from the best in the industry. For more details on the event and our upcoming initiatives, stay tuned for updates on our blog and social media channels. We look forward to returning next year with even more innovations and insights to share. Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of customer experience and drive digital transformation. Be Digiu. Be Digital At Digiu Digital, we believe in making digitization as simple as possible. We want to take your business to the next level in the digital world. We are experts in e-Commerce and digital transformation, with more than 18 years of experience and more than 500 innovative projects in more than 25 countries, being CX leaders in Southern Europe. Contact us and discover how we can simplify digitalization for your company. Discover our solutions

CX MAD SHOW: Digital Transformation in Action

On May 8, 2024, Digiu Digital proudly hosted the annual CX MAD SHOW in Madrid, in strategic partnership with SAP and AUSAPE. This premier event convened leading professionals from across the industry to delve into the evolving world of customer experience (CX). The day was rich with insights, showcasing cutting-edge strategies and offering unparalleled networking opportunities. SAP Intelligent CX: elevating business strategies On of the unique highlights of the event was the comprehensive presentation on the SAP Intelligent CX suite, a platform revolutionizing business strategies through seamless consumer experiences and channel-less commerce. This advanced suite is transforming how businesses engage with customers, ensuring each interaction is tailored and deeply personalized. The SAP Intelligent CX also drives operational excellence by optimizing sales and service processes. This not only enhances efficiency but also improves overall business effectiveness, allowing companies to excel in their operational capabilities. Furthermore, the suite incorporates extensive data analysis, enabling businesses to deepen their customer understanding and refine their interactions.¬† By leveraging these advanced tools, businesses equipped with SAP Intelligent CX are well-positioned to adapt to current demands and anticipate future shifts in the market. Transformative solutions: SAP’s winning strategy Emilio Osete, CEO of Digiu Digital, captivated the audience with his vision on the synergy between SAP‚Äôs One Office platform and SAP Emarsys. This integration enhances digital marketing efforts by providing a framework for: Personalized customer journeys: focus on craft bespoke experiences that deeply resonate on a personal level. By leveraging data insights and predictive analytics, the integration ensures that every customer interaction is tailored, making the engagement  directly aligned with individual preferences and behaviors. Efficient campaign management: simplifies the management of marketing campaigns across various channels. It automates routine tasks and optimizes the allocation of resources, ensuring campaigns are more effective and efficient. In-depth analytics: provides deep insights into campaign performance and customer interactions. The platform analyzes a vast array of data points to offer a comprehensive view of marketing effectiveness, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. https://digiudigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Titulo-2.mp4 Introducing Digiu Marketing Boost: Transform Your Business in 12 Weeks At the CX MAD SHOW 2024, we were excited to introduce the Digiu Marketing Boost, a SAP-certified package crafted to significantly accelerate the implementation of SAP Emarsys projects. This dynamic package offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to elevate and streamline your digital marketing efforts. Quick implementation in just 12 weeks. Advanced data-driven personalization in real-time. Omnichannel campaign automation. Detailed performance analysis to optimize marketing strategies. Rapid Deployment: Digiu Marketing Boost dramatically reduces the setup time for new projects, promising full operational capacity in just 12 weeks. This swift implementation ensures that your business can quickly benefit from advanced marketing capabilities without the usual lengthy deployment times. Real-time Personalization: At the core of Digiu Marketing Boost is its ability to harness advanced data analytics for real-time personalization. This feature allows businesses to create highly customized customer experiences by dynamically adapting content and offers based on user behavior and data insights, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Omnichannel Automation: This tool integrates seamlessly across all digital platforms, enabling businesses to coordinate and automate marketing efforts with precision. Whether it’s email, social media, or web interactions, Digiu Marketing Boost ensures consistent messaging and strategy deployment across all channels, improving reach and efficacy. Comprehensive Analysis: Digiu Marketing Boost provides detailed analytics and insights, allowing businesses to continuously refine and optimize their marketing strategies. By analyzing performance data, companies can make informed decisions to improve campaign results and overall marketing effectiveness. For more information about Digiu Marketing Boost and other SAP CX solutions, feel free to visit our product’s page or SAP‘s. Gratitude and looking ahead We extend our heartfelt thanks to the SAP experts‚ÄĒCarlos Mart√≠n, Mar√≠a Senabre, and Carlos Pinto‚ÄĒand to Ana Encinas from AUSAPE, whose efforts were instrumental in the organization of this event. Our appreciation also goes out to all participants and the Digiu Digital team, whose collaboration made this event a resounding success. A special mention to Villa Massa for enriching our gathering with their exquisite Limoncello cocktail and an engaging mixology masterclass‚ÄĒa delightful addition that everyone enjoyed. Join us on the journey to excellence We are excited about the future as we continue to lead and innovate in the digital transformation and customer experience sectors.¬†Next year, we will come back stronger with new ideas and advancements that will undoubtedly take the customer experience to the next level. Stay tuned for what’s to come! At Digiu Digital, we simplify digital transformation, enabling your business to thrive in the digital era. With over 18 years of experience and more than 500 successful projects across 25+ countries, we are your go-to experts in digital commerce and CX. Discover our solutions

Digiu Digital was invited to the CX Kick-Off at SAP’s offices in Barcelona along with other strategic partners

During this meeting, we reviewed the achievements of the successful 2023 in SAP Customer Experience (CX) and addressed the strategy for 2024. The goal is clear: Strong growth in both CX and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) areas. The primary focus for this new year is on Artificial Intelligence, which will guide a significant portion of SAP’s investment in these areas. SAP TEAM We want to express our gratitude to the SAP team: Ghafour Charkaoui, Alfonso Garcia, Jaime Rodr√≠guez Bartolom√©, Mar√≠a Jes√ļs Santiago Mart√≠nez, Marco Trezzi, Carlos Martin, Paolo Duci, Georgia Ferullo Rita, Jose Angel Garcia, Tippy Lotterer, and Gustavo Castro. And on behalf of Digiu Digital: Mayra Falc√≥n Arias, Raquel Jim√©nez Mart√≠n, and Emilio Osete. Let’s go for a successful 2024! Emilio Osete & Mayra Falcon Phygital SAP Team & Partners Kick-Off Meeting Be Digiu. Be Digital At Digiu Digital, we believe in making digitization as simple as possible. We want to take your business to the next level in the digital world. We are experts in e-Commerce and digital transformation, with more than 18 years of experience and more than 500 innovative projects in more than 25 countries, being CX leaders in Southern Europe. Contact us and discover how we can simplify digitalization for your company. Discover our solutions

Digiu Digital nominated by SAP at the Partner Kickoff Meeting

At the recent SAP FKOM (Field Kick Off Meeting), Digiu Digital was recognized in the “Best New Partner of the Year” category, a significant milestone reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence in Customer Experience (CX) and Business Technology Platform (BTP) solutions. This nomination highlights Digiu Digital as a specialized consultancy in CX solutions, differentiating it in the ERP (S/4HANA) market. The SAP Partner KickOff Meeting is an annual event that brings together industry experts and leaders to discuss trends, strategies, and innovations in the SAP ecosystem. During the event, led by F√©lix Monedero, General Director of SAP Spain, David Gonz√°lez Seco, Director of Midmarket and Channels, and Jos√© Mar√≠a Born√°s, Partner Management HUB Head for EMEA South, SAP’s impressive growth in 2023, which exceeded 30%, was highlighted. DIGIU’S NOMINATION Following our recent partnership with SAP as a PE Sell Partner in the second half of 2023, we were honored to receive an invitation to participate in this exclusive event. Despite already being SAP Partners and leaders in SAP CX Solutions in South Europe, our journey to becoming a PE Sell Partner started last year, and culminated in this remarkable nomination as the “Best New Partner of the Year“ for 2023. This is a testament to our rapid growth and dedication within the SAP community. What makes this recognition even more remarkable is that Digiu Digital Group stands as the sole specialist in Customer Experience (CX) solutions among the nominees, showcasing our unique expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional value to our clients. We have been nominated by SAP for our commitment to CX and BTP solutions WHAT THEY TALKED ABOUT A key topic of the event was SAP’s growth strategy for 2024, focused on the adoption of cloud solutions. This approach aligns with global digitalization trends and the increasing demand for agile and scalable cloud solutions. In the CX segment, the importance of data and Artificial Intelligence was emphasized, with a focus on the potential of the Emarsys marketing automation tool. This tool represents a significant advancement in how companies can interact with their customers, offering personalization and efficiency. The EMEA region, and specifically Spain, was recognized for its exceptional growth within the SAP ecosystem, with Digiu Digital contributing significantly to this success. The areas of CX and BTP were identified as having high future growth potential, underscoring the importance of these solutions in the current digital transformation landscape. Digiu Digital, as a leader in CX solutions and an SAP partner, continues to dedicate itself to providing innovative and efficient solutions for its clients, contributing to the advancement of digital transformation in the sector. The event emphasized the significance of data and Artificial Intelligence in CX, focusing on the potential of the Emarsys marketing automation tool as a substantial advancement in customer interaction and efficiency Be Digiu. Be Digital At Digiu Digital, we believe in making digitization as simple as possible. We want to take your business to the next level in the digital world. We are experts in e-Commerce and digital transformation, with more than 18 years of experience and more than 500 innovative projects in more than 25 countries, being CX leaders in Southern Europe. Contact us and discover how we can simplify digitalization for your company. Discover our solutions

Embracing personalization for success

Embracing personalization for success

Revolutionizing your digital marketing and sales strategy In today’s digital age, customers have grown accustomed to personalized experiences across all touchpoints. From tailored product recommendations to customized email content, personalization has become the cornerstone of successful marketing strategies. If you’re looking to elevate your marketing game and boost customer engagement and conversion rates, personalization is the key. Why Personalization matters Personalization goes beyond addressing your customers by their first names in emails. It’s about understanding their preferences, behaviors, and needs to deliver content and offers that resonate with them. Here’s why you need to embrace the transformative potential of personalization: Enhanced customer engagement: Personalized experiences grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. When customers feel like your brand understands them, they’re more likely to interact with your content. Higher conversion rates: When you deliver relevant and timely content, you’re more likely to convert leads into customers. Personalization can significantly impact your bottom line by increasing conversion rates. Improved customer loyalty: When customers receive personalized recommendations and offers, they’re more likely to stick around. Building loyalty through personalization can lead to long-term customer relationships. Data-Driven insights: Personalization relies on data, and as you collect more information about your customers, you gain valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors. This data can inform your future marketing strategies. The role of technology in Personalization Implementing a robust personalization strategy requires the right technology. This is where Emarsys, a leading personalization platform, comes into play. Emarsys offers a comprehensive set of tools to help businesses create meaningful 1:1 connections with their audience. Here are some key features: AI-Powered Personalization: Emarsys empowers marketers with AI-driven predictive segmentation, enabling you to target priority customer segments with highly personalized messages in real-time. Omnichannel journeys at scale: With pre-built tactics and an intuitive user interface, Emarsys makes it easy to orchestrate and trigger 1:1 journeys across all channels, at scale. Measurable impact with Analytics: AI-powered analytics and reporting allow you to measure the revenue impact of your campaigns at the campaign, channel, and audience levels. Why choose Digiu Digital as your Emarsys partner While Emarsys offers a powerful personalization platform, selecting the right partner to implement and leverage its capabilities is equally crucial. At Digiu Digital, we take immense pride in being a trusted SAP partner dedicated to delivering the transformative power of SAP CX solutions, including Emarsys, to elevate your customer engagement strategies. Here’s why Digiu Digital is the best choice: Expertise: Our team of experts has extensive experience in implementing Emarsys and crafting personalized marketing strategies. We understand the nuances of personalization and how to harness the full potential of the Emarsys platform. Customized solutions: We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and tailor Emarsys to suit your specific requirements. Results-Driven approach: Our focus is on delivering results. We’ll work with you to set clear goals, measure the impact of personalization efforts, and continuously refine your strategy for optimal outcomes. Seamless integration: Our expertise extends to seamlessly integrating Emarsys with your existing systems and processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation. Get Started with Digiu Digital Today In conclusion, personalization is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have in today’s competitive landscape. With Emarsys as your personalization platform and Digiu Digital as your trusted partner, you can unlock the full potential of personalized marketing to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level? Contact Digiu Digital today to explore how we can help you implement Emarsys and transform your marketing into a personalized powerhouse. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level and achieve remarkable results. ABOUT DIGIU DIGITAL Digitizing customers Over 20 years transforming businesses with intelligence and technology Digiu Digital is a reputable provider of SAP CX solutions, specializing in helping clients streamline their business processes, enhance productivity, and drive profitability. With a team of certified SAP Commerce experts, Digiu Digital offers a range of services, including implementation, support, and upgrades. As a trusted partner, they empower businesses to harness the full potential of SAP CX, ensuring seamless operations and sustainable growth. Learn more

Chamber of Commerce

Digiu forges alliance with German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Digiu forges alliance with German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce Digiu Digital is delighted to announce its recent achievement as an associate of the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. It represents a significant milestone in Digiu Digital’s commitment to fostering international collaborations. The¬†German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce serves as a crucial platform for the economic relations between the two countries, providing a fertile ground for innovative business ventures. By engaging as a member, Digiu Digital gains access to an extensive network comprising industry leaders, government representatives, and like-minded professionals. Highlighting its engagement, Digiu Digital recently had the honor of participating in the election for the new president of the Chamber in Madrid. This partnership holds even greater significance for us because our Co-Founder and Board Member, Willy M√∂ller, is German. With this personal connection and background, we bring a wealth of experience in working with German companies and a deep understanding of the German market. Moreover, we have established close collaborations with esteemed German partners, including Spryker and SAP. By affiliating with the Chamber, we further solidify these ties and gain valuable insights into the specific needs and preferences of the German market, empowering us to tailor our digital solutions accordingly. This partnership holds a special place in my heart as a German myself. We are confident that this collaboration will open new doors and unlock significant growth opportunities for both Digiu Digital and our esteemed partners. Together, we will drive innovation, foster economic relations, and create a brighter future for businesses in Germany and Spain.”¬†expressed Willy M√∂ller. “I want to express my gratitude to the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce for welcoming us into their network, and I look forward to building strong and lasting relationships with fellow members. We are excited to embark on this journey together and make a positive impact on the business community.” Digiu Digital has been actively forging connections and cultivating strategic international partnerships. With a strong track record of successful project delivery in over 25 countries across 4 continents, our global reach continues to expand. In 2023, we achieved another significant milestone by affiliating with the¬†Brasil-Spain Chamber of Commerce. This affiliation holds special importance for us as it aligns with our software development and digital solutions business line in Brazil, known as Meisters Solutions. As a technology and innovation-driven company, Digiu is constantly seeking new market opportunities and establishing meaningful connections with potential clients and partners. Our focus remains in solidifying our position in the dynamic European and Latin American markets. I want to express my gratitude to the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce for welcoming us into their network, and I look forward to building strong and lasting relationships with fellow members. We are excited to embark on this journey together and make a positive impact on the business community. Willy Molll√ęr – Co-Founder & Board Member of Digiu Digital Group

Interview with Emilio Osete, Co-Founder & CEO of Digiu Digital Group

Interview with Emilio Osete, Co-Founder & CEO of Digiu Digital Group Check out this interview with our co-founder, Emilio Osete. Originally published in the April edition of AUSAPE’s Magazine, this interview offers insights into Emilio’s background and the founding of Digiu Digital. Read on to learn more about our history, expertise in SAP solutions, and unique position in the market for digital customer experience solutions. SAP’s biggest challenge in CX is not its solutions but the ‘focus’. The business around the Backoffice with S/4HANA is so big that these areas are often not prioritized. The suite is exceptional. How do you see SAP’s strategy in these areas? SAP’s¬†biggest challenge is not its solutions, but its “focus.” The business around the Backoffice with S/4HANA is so large that these areas are not always prioritized. On the other hand, all manufacturers (not just SAP) have grown in these solutions through acquisitions, creating a very changing discourse. Speaking specifically of the tool, SAP has a differential end-to-end strategy that, if well leveraged and able to coexist with other solutions, has very important competitive advantages. So, do you think SAP is on the right track now? The suite is exceptional. And accepting that SAP in this customer world must learn to coexist with other solutions at times, the potential for brands is enormous. We always tell our clients that they should abstract themselves from the marketing of the manufacturers and look for the best strategies in each case because these tools are designed to create new revenue streams and attract new customers; they are not back-office solutions. A curiosity, why is your motto in English “Digitalization as Simple as Possible”? The concept of “digitalization” or “digital transformation” is on everyone’s lips but is often mixed up. “Digitization” means converting analog to digital, and many companies believe that this makes them “digital.” However, “Digitalization” means moving all our processes to digital models, which changes the structure of our profit and loss account. Digitalization is complex and involves creating channels and tools that mix traditional or offline strategies with digital ones, while simultaneously creating a complete organizational transformation. This is what we call the digital shift, where our revenues become increasingly dependent on digital models and channels.

Partnership between digiu digital and CCBE

Digiu Digital Partners with C√°mara de Com√©rcio de Brasil-Espa√Īa (CCBE)

Digiu Digital, a leading digital solutions provider, has signed a new strategic alliance with the C√°mara de Com√©rcio de Brasil-Espa√Īa, to support Spanish and Brazilian companies that want to establish themselves or grow in both markets. The partnership is of great importance for the Digiu Digital Group, as it aligns with the company’s global operations in Spain with Digiu Digital and Medikus Health Tech, as well as its digital development business line in Brazil, Meisters Solutions, which is made up of a team of multi-technology experts who help accelerate the group’s projects, also providing differential know-how in software development and AMS (Application Management Services). With this partnership, Digiu aspires to expand its presence in the market and become the reference in Digital Commerce and Customer Experience in Latin America. As leaders in customer-focused digital solutions and commerce, Digiu Digital Group has always worked to accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experience. The company’s CEO, Emilio Osete, recently shared in an interview with the CCBE that the key to the company’s success is “constant work, a commitment to service, and a deep knowledge of the technological environments in which we operate.” About the partnership, Emilio says: We hope to contribute to the necessary awareness of Spanish executives on digital transformation through the Committee that the Chamber is launching. Additionally, we hope to establish relationships in the environments where the Chamber operates in Brazil and Spain, which will contribute to the expected growth. For us, being in an association related to Digiu’s DNA is a strategic decision and a source of pride. Click here and read the full interview. Digiu Digital has over 20 years of history, with the goal of accelerating the digitalization of large companies. Today, the company is a leading specialist in SAP Customer Experience solutions in southern Europe and a leader in implementations of commerce and Marketplace solutions, such as Spryker, Mirakl, and Salesforce. With offices in Spain, Brazil, and Germany, Digiu Digital operates in over 25 countries and has delivered over 500 innovative projects.