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To continue evolving and always be ahead of the demands of the technology market, the Digiu Digital Group is increasingly consolidating its business lines, segmenting its services and clients to better meet each demand in a personalized way.
Digiu Digital

Digiu Digital is the holding and the consultancy business line, specialist in digital transformation, digital commerce and customer experience. It helps businesses to automate and modernize their processes.

Meisters Solutions

Meisters Solutions is the digital development business line and the first company of the Group. It was founded in 2001 under the name Flieger Software, focusing on software development for the B2B market.

Medikus Health Tech

Medikus Health Tech Ecosystem was created to attend to the digital demands of the health sector, focused on technological solutions for healthcare processes management.

Transforming‚Äč Businesses



To create real business impact for our clients. Be recognized as the biggest specialist in digital transformation, e-commerce and customer experience in Europe and Latam.


To make digitalization as simple as possible for our clients. Help them on their journeys into a more digital future by automating and modernizing their processes.