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Digiu Digital nominated by SAP at the Partner Kickoff Meeting

At the recent SAP FKOM (Field Kick Off Meeting), Digiu Digital was recognized in the “Best New Partner of the Year” category, a significant milestone reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence in Customer Experience (CX) and Business Technology Platform (BTP) solutions. This nomination highlights Digiu Digital as a specialized consultancy in CX solutions, differentiating it in the ERP (S/4HANA) market. The SAP Partner KickOff Meeting is an annual event that brings together industry experts and leaders to discuss trends, strategies, and innovations in the SAP ecosystem. During the event, led by F√©lix Monedero, General Director of SAP Spain, David Gonz√°lez Seco, Director of Midmarket and Channels, and Jos√© Mar√≠a Born√°s, Partner Management HUB Head for EMEA South, SAP’s impressive growth in 2023, which exceeded 30%, was highlighted. DIGIU’S NOMINATION Following our recent partnership with SAP as a PE Sell Partner in the second half of 2023, we were honored to receive an invitation to participate in this exclusive event. Despite already being SAP Partners and leaders in SAP CX Solutions in South Europe, our journey to becoming a PE Sell Partner started last year, and culminated in this remarkable nomination as the “Best New Partner of the Year“ for 2023. This is a testament to our rapid growth and dedication within the SAP community. What makes this recognition even more remarkable is that Digiu Digital Group stands as the sole specialist in Customer Experience (CX) solutions among the nominees, showcasing our unique expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional value to our clients. We have been nominated by SAP for our commitment to CX and BTP solutions WHAT THEY TALKED ABOUT A key topic of the event was SAP’s growth strategy for 2024, focused on the adoption of cloud solutions. This approach aligns with global digitalization trends and the increasing demand for agile and scalable cloud solutions. In the CX segment, the importance of data and Artificial Intelligence was emphasized, with a focus on the potential of the Emarsys marketing automation tool. This tool represents a significant advancement in how companies can interact with their customers, offering personalization and efficiency. The EMEA region, and specifically Spain, was recognized for its exceptional growth within the SAP ecosystem, with Digiu Digital contributing significantly to this success. The areas of CX and BTP were identified as having high future growth potential, underscoring the importance of these solutions in the current digital transformation landscape. Digiu Digital, as a leader in CX solutions and an SAP partner, continues to dedicate itself to providing innovative and efficient solutions for its clients, contributing to the advancement of digital transformation in the sector. The event emphasized the significance of data and Artificial Intelligence in CX, focusing on the potential of the Emarsys marketing automation tool as a substantial advancement in customer interaction and efficiency Be Digiu. Be Digital At Digiu Digital, we believe in making digitization as simple as possible. We want to take your business to the next level in the digital world. We are experts in e-Commerce and digital transformation, with more than 18 years of experience and more than 500 innovative projects in more than 25 countries, being CX leaders in Southern Europe. Contact us and discover how we can simplify digitalization for your company. Discover our solutions

CCBE sets trend with an event about Live Shopping in eCommerce

The Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCBE) organized an innovative event highlighting the growing trend of Live Shopping in eCommerce. This concept, which emerged with Alibaba’s launch of Taobao Live, blends live shopping experiences with digital technology. Unlike traditional teleshopping, this strategy of commerce connects live broadcasts to digital stores, allowing consumers to view products and interact with presenters or influencers. That way, the public can purchase products in real-time, while they are changing information with sellers and other consumers. About the event During the November 17th event, experts like Pedro Linsey from Vtex, Emilio Osete from Digiu Digital, Fernando Siles from Worten, and Valent√≠n Hern√°ndez from Se√Īor Mono discussed how this practice is transforming the online shopping experience, improving customer conversion rates and engagement. Live Shopping creates a sense of urgency and offers real-time interaction, mimicking the personal relationship established in physical stores. The event also highlighted the success of global initiatives like “Black Shopping,” a pioneering concept that takes Live Shopping to a new level by bringing together multiple brands in a single event. This format not only allows consumers to access exclusive offers but also provides brands a powerful platform to position themselves in consumers’ minds as premium options during critical sales periods, like Black Friday. CCBE concluded the event by projecting a future vision of eCommerce, emphasizing the global adoption of Live Shopping as a crucial strategy for market growth and expansion. The recording of the event is available for those interested in integrating this innovative trend into their commercial strategies, offering a valuable opportunity to learn from industry leaders.

AUSAPE CX Group highlights innovation in the e-commerce sector in a virtual event.

Last month, the AUSAPE Customer Experience (CX) working group meeting, organized by Digiu Digital, brought together leaders and experts from the e-commerce sector. This virtual meeting represented a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and gain knowledge about the latest and groundbreaking tools in e-commerce. The virtual session began with a welcome speech by Iciar Balza, the CX group coordinator and eCommerce manager at Gonvarri Industries. Shortly after, Miguel Uhag√≥n, SAP’s CX Solution Expert, highlighted the essential role of SAP Commerce Cloud in the current e-commerce landscape. More than an e-commerce platform, this solution represents a strategic tool for innovation, leveraging valuable data with the aim of improving results and the customer experience in the digital world. SAP also emphasized the crucial importance of “Intelligent CX” to maximize the value of each customer’s lifecycle. This innovative approach not only improves interaction with consumers across all touchpoints but also uses advanced analytics and machine learning to anticipate future customer needs, personalize offers, and optimize business processes in real-time. Breaking language barriers The event also featured a presentation by Emilio Osete, CEO of the Digiu Digital group. Emilio introduced the “”Composable Storefront Multilanguage” product, a tool that emerges as an innovative solution to facilitate standard translation in the language needed for SAP Commerce Cloud. With the promise of automatically translating the SAP Commerce interface into any language in just 24 to 48 hours, the tool stands out as a game-changer for companies seeking to globalize their reach. Having an e-commerce in various languages is also part of a customer experience strategy, understanding that language can be a barrier but also a gateway to new markets. Tools like the “Composable Storefront Multilanguage” seek to facilitate and make this linguistic expansion more profitable. The day, filled with interaction and valuable knowledge, concluded by leaving the attendees with a clearer vision of the future of e-commerce and how to use current tools and solutions to maximize growth potential and expansion in the global market. In times where digitalization and globalization are advancing rapidly, events like AUSAPE CX Group’s become essential meeting points. The lessons shared, along with the innovative solutions presented, set the course for a sector in constant evolution. Now, more than ever, companies have at their disposal tools and strategies to face the challenges of global e-commerce.

Combining tradition and innovation: strategic collaboration between Tramontina and Digiu Digital

In a context where cross-border collaborations are creating innovative business transformations, Tramontina, a prestigious Brazilian brand known for its quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, is preparing to establish a significant presence in Spain. With deep roots in Brazil, Tramontina symbolizes excellence and quality. A century of quality and innovation The story of Tramontina is marked by dedication, passion, and a constant effort to enrich daily life. Founded in 1911 in Brazil, it started as a humble iron mill and has evolved into a global icon, offering a wide range of kitchenware, cutlery, and appliances. Tramontina’s venture into the dynamic Spanish market brings with it a heritage rich in tradition and innovation. This expansion represents a cultural bridge, introducing the warmth and vitality of Brazil into Spanish homes. Strategic collaboration with Digiu Digital Group Through a strategic alliance with Digiu Digital Group, Tramontina gains the tools and experience to strengthen its presence in Spain. Known for their expertise in digital transformation, digital commerce, and customer experience, Digiu Digital is the ideal partner for Tramontina. This collaboration focuses on empowering Tramontina to thrive in Spain. From integrating warehouse operations with SAP Business One to advanced digital marketing strategies, Digiu Digital ensures that Tramontina stands out in the Spanish market. Our expansion into Spain is a significant step towards new horizons. As we move forward, we are not only focused on commercial expansion, but also on creating a genuine connection with Spanish consumers. We want our products to be an integral part of their daily lives and to reflect the quality that the Tramontina brand represents. I am filled with pride and excitement to lead this initiative, which allows me to combine my passion for innovation and business growth. This partnership with Digiu Digital and our entry into the Spanish market is a strategic step. We chose Digiu Digital Group as our partner due to their proven experience with SAP Business One, integrations, and in achieving results. Their comprehensive approach to technology and marketing, aligned with our shared ethos of innovation, makes them the natural choice. As a result, the Spanish market is ready to witness a convergence of tradition, innovation, and customer centricity. Mateus Zilli – Director Manager of Tramontina Emilio Osete, CEO of Digiu Digital Group, on the Collaboration: Tramontina’s entry into the Spanish market marks a pivotal moment for both entities. We feel honored to support Tramontina’s expansion with a wide range of services that include warehouse integration, e-commerce solutions, and strategic marketing initiatives. Our commitment to excellence and innovation aligns perfectly with Tramontina’s values, forging a partnership that truly embodies our shared vision Emilio Osete – CEO of Digiu Digital The role of the Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce The Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce acts as a key facilitator in this collaboration, promoting commercial ties between both nations. This institution demonstrates how commercial relationships can drive cross-border growth and innovation, reinforcing the vision of improving bilateral relations between Brazil and Spain. This alliance between Tramontina and Digiu Digital Group is not only a step towards commercial expansion but also an advancement in creating deeper cultural and commercial relations between Brazil and Spain. With the combination of tradition, innovation, and customer-centricity, Tramontina is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Spanish market, supported by the experience and knowledge of Digiu Digital.

SAP Discovery Day CX: A Glimpse into the Future of Customer Experience

On October 18th, 2023, the renowned AUSAPE CX group hosted a virtual event that brought together leaders and professionals from the e-commerce sector. From the comfort of their workplaces and homes, participants connected to share and learn about the latest trends and tools in the world of e-commerce. The virtual event kicked off with welcoming words from Iciar Balza, coordinator of the CX group and head of eCommerce at Gonvarri. Shortly after, Miguel Uhag√≥n, CX Solution Expert at SAP, spoke to emphasize the importance of SAP Commerce Cloud. This solution, more than just an e-commerce platform, represents a strategic tool for innovation, leveraging valuable data with the aim of enhancing outcomes and customer experience in the digital world. Breaking linguistic barriers One of the highlights was the presentation by Emilio Osete, CEO of Digiu Digital Group. Osete introduced the “Composable Storefront Multilanguage,” a tool designed to address the native multilingual gap in SAP’s Composable Storefront. With the promise to automatically translate the SAP Commerce frontend into any language within just 24 to 48 hours, this tool emerges as a game-changer for companies aiming to globalize their reach. Beyond the presentations, there was an emphasis on the need to maintain a multilingual knowledge base, recognizing that language can be a barrier but also an entryway to new markets. Tools like the Composable Storefront Multilanguage aim to simplify and make this linguistic expansion more profitable. The event, filled with interaction and valuable insights, concluded leaving attendees with a clearer vision of the future of e-commerce and how current tools and solutions can be used to maximize growth and expansion potential in the global market. In times when digitalization and globalization are advancing rapidly, events like the one from AUSAPE CX Group become essential meeting points. The shared learnings, along with the innovative solutions presented, set the course for an ever-evolving sector. Now, more than ever, companies have at their disposal tools and strategies to face the challenges of global e-commerce.

SAP CX Suite: The power of intelligent CX

On September 28th, Digiu Digital, in collaboration with AUSAPE, embarked on an illuminating journey into the world of Customer Experience (CX) through their webinar titled “La Suite de SAP CX: El poder de una CX Inteligente”. Guided by the visionary CEO and co-founder of Digiu, Emilio Osete, this session was crafted to elucidate CX concepts, with a particular focus on B2B clients. Unlocking the power of SAP CX: Digiu Digital’s webinar insights The attendees, including representatives from valued customers and strategic partners, delved deep into the intricacies of Customer Experience (CX) concepts. The importance of seamless integration in the success of crafting remarkable customer journeys took center stage during the discussions. The webinar illuminated the comprehensive suite of solutions offered by SAP CX, a dominant force in the CX landscape, which encompass Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Customer Data, and Service, collectively epitomizing Intelligent CX. They address both the front-end Customer Experience and the back-end Digital Core, seamlessly integrating these diverse elements to forge a holistic CX strategy that empowers businesses to thrive in the digital era. These solutions epitomize Intelligent CX, addressing both the Customer Experience on the front end and the Digital Core on the back end. The presentation emphasized how SAP CX seamlessly integrates these diverse elements to create a holistic CX strategy that empowers businesses to thrive in the digital age. Emilio also delved into the intricacies of planning and executing a customer‚Äôs journey, from initial product/service awareness to brand loyalty, using the best strategies and tools that SAP CX offers. The event highlighted the numerous advantages of SAP’s Suite and the expansive network of partners within the SAP CX ecosystem, underscoring the collaborative nature that defines this powerful platform. Success stories with Digiu Digiu Digital proudly stands as the leader in South Europe when it comes to implementing SAP CX Solutions. The company‚Äôs exceptional track record of successful implementations speaks volumes about their expertise and commitment to crafting comprehensive digital architectures tailored for engaging customers. At the core of Digiu Digital’s mission lies an unwavering dedication to delivering digital platforms that are not only flexible but also highly scalable. This commitment ensures that businesses can adapt and grow seamlessly in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Furthermore, Digiu excels at empowering businesses to attract and retain customers while fostering sustainable revenue growth. With a results-oriented approach, they have a wealth of experience in transforming the potential of SAP CX into tangible and lasting benefits for their clients. Explore the enlightening insights Although the event has concluded, we extend a warm invitation for you to delve into the invaluable insights shared during this webinar. You can watch the recorded session, filling out the form below: Registro Video Webinar La suite de SAP CX – 28 de Septiembre 2023 Nombre Apellidos Email Tel√©fono Empresa Cargo Al completar el presente formulario, autorizas expresamente a¬†Digiu Digital¬†y a las empresas de su Grupo, como responsable del tratamiento de los datos personales que nos facilitas, a tramitar tu solicitud de informaci√≥n de conformidad con la normativa vigente en materia de protecci√≥n de datos. Podr√°s ejercitar tus derechos que se detallan en nuestro¬†Aviso Legal y Pol√≠tica de privacidad mediante el correo¬†info@digiudigital.com.¬†Conservaremos tus datos hasta que nos indiques lo contrario. Enviar

Emarsys and SAP Collaborate to Transform Customer Management at AUSAPE's Customer Experience Event

AUSAPE’s Customer Experience event showcases Emarsys and SAP’s revolutionary approach to Customer Management

On July 14th, AUSAPE (Association of SAP Users in Spain) and Digiu Digital joined forces to promote an event that unveiled the collaborative efforts of SAP in revolutionizing customer management. The event was held as part of AUSAPE’s SAP CX Group, established last year through Digiu’s initiative. The spotlight of the event fell on Emarsys, a powerful tool for efficient customer management that holds immense importance for both B2B and B2C markets. Emarsys is a global powerhouse, empowering marketers worldwide with personalized omnichannel experiences that yield tangible business outcomes. With the added support of SAP, this platform brings even greater value to customers, enabling a truly personalized customer experience across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. The event commenced with a comprehensive overview presented by the SAP CX group, led by Iciar Ibalza, coordinator of the CX Group and responsible for the eCommerce of Gonvarri Industries. Attendees gained valuable insights into the current landscape of customer management, with a particular focus on the key functionalities of Emarsys. This allowed participants to explore the capabilities of this robust tool and its potential in streamlining customer management processes. The meeting also incorporated interactive question and answer segments, enabling attendees to engage with Iciar Ibalza and other experts. This dynamic exchange fostered a deeper understanding of Emarsys and its features, equipping participants with practical knowledge and actionable insights. Digiu Digital, in collaboration with AUSAPE, contributed to the event by sharing invaluable insights into the implementation steps required for the successful integration of Emarsys within organizations. The presentation provided attendees with practical guidance, ensuring a seamless adoption of Emarsys into existing business structures and maximizing its benefits. As the event drew to a close, closing remarks expressed gratitude to the participants and underlined the importance of effective customer management in the digital landscape. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the event and explore the transformative potential of Emarsys, we invite you to watch the full recording.:


ASAP Update Webinar

Webinar focused on the game-changing SAP Update Last Friday, on June 16th, Digiu Digital hosted a webinar focused on the game-changing SAP Update. Emilio Osete, CEO of the company, and Larissa Pereira, the CTO, led this session, delivering a wealth of knowledge to an eager audience. That event wasn‚Äôt the first one from Digiu. On April 14th, the company also promoted a webinar with the same subject, recognizing the growing urgency for companies to elevate their SAP Commerce systems. This engaging event addressed the critical need for staying ahead of the technological curve, with the imminent end of maintenance for previous SAP Commerce versions, upgrading to the latest iteration has become paramount. The 1905, 2005 and 2011 versions are already ended and, the 2105 one, is about to end in august of 2023. The recent webinar showcased the true potential of the ASAP Update. Delving into the intricacies of this approach, Emilio and Larissa provided a comprehensive roadmap for executing upgrades with precision, adhering to strict timelines and important considerations.¬† By implementing the ASAP Update, enterprises can efficiently mitigate risks and enhance cost optimization, leading to overall business success. Moreover, staying up-to-date with SAP is crucial for organizations to continue benefiting from its features. Understanding this importance, Digiu has developed the ASAP Update to assist clients and prospects in keeping their SAP Commerce systems current and relevant. SAP Commerce Updates Like any software solution, regular updates are essential to maintain the optimal performance of SAP Commerce and leverage its latest features and functionality. When SAP Commerce releases a new version, it typically includes bug fixes, security patches, and enhancements based on user feedback. These updates are crucial for ensuring that the system continues to operate smoothly and to address any potential security vulnerabilities. SAP Commerce follows a well-defined maintenance schedule, wherein each version receives ongoing support and updates for a specified period. However, it’s important to note that once the end of maintenance date is reached, customers are required to upgrade to the latest version in order to receive continued support and maintenance services. To make the most of SAP Commerce, it is advisable for businesses to monitor updates and plan their upgrade strategies accordingly. By doing so, they can reap the rewards of a robust and efficient SAP Commerce system while mitigating potential risks associated with outdated software versions. Remember, SAP Commerce updates are not just about keeping up with the latest trends; they are essential for maintaining a secure, reliable, and high-performing e-commerce platform that can support your business growth and provide an optimal experience for your customers. Moreover, staying up-to-date with SAP is crucial for organizations to continue benefiting from its features. Understanding this importance, Digiu has developed the ASAP Update to assist clients and prospects in keeping their SAP Commerce systems current and relevant. ABOUT DIGIU DIGITAL Digitizing customers Over 20 years transforming businesses with intelligence and technology Digiu Digital is a reputable provider of SAP CX solutions, specializing in helping clients streamline their business processes, enhance productivity, and drive profitability. With a team of certified SAP Commerce experts, Digiu Digital offers a range of services, including implementation, support, and upgrades. As a trusted partner, they empower businesses to harness the full potential of SAP CX, ensuring seamless operations and sustainable growth. Learn more

Chamber of Commerce

Digiu forges alliance with German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Digiu forges alliance with German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce Digiu Digital is delighted to announce its recent achievement as an associate of the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. It represents a significant milestone in Digiu Digital’s commitment to fostering international collaborations. The¬†German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce serves as a crucial platform for the economic relations between the two countries, providing a fertile ground for innovative business ventures. By engaging as a member, Digiu Digital gains access to an extensive network comprising industry leaders, government representatives, and like-minded professionals. Highlighting its engagement, Digiu Digital recently had the honor of participating in the election for the new president of the Chamber in Madrid. This partnership holds even greater significance for us because our Co-Founder and Board Member, Willy M√∂ller, is German. With this personal connection and background, we bring a wealth of experience in working with German companies and a deep understanding of the German market. Moreover, we have established close collaborations with esteemed German partners, including Spryker and SAP. By affiliating with the Chamber, we further solidify these ties and gain valuable insights into the specific needs and preferences of the German market, empowering us to tailor our digital solutions accordingly. This partnership holds a special place in my heart as a German myself. We are confident that this collaboration will open new doors and unlock significant growth opportunities for both Digiu Digital and our esteemed partners. Together, we will drive innovation, foster economic relations, and create a brighter future for businesses in Germany and Spain.”¬†expressed Willy M√∂ller. “I want to express my gratitude to the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce for welcoming us into their network, and I look forward to building strong and lasting relationships with fellow members. We are excited to embark on this journey together and make a positive impact on the business community.” Digiu Digital has been actively forging connections and cultivating strategic international partnerships. With a strong track record of successful project delivery in over 25 countries across 4 continents, our global reach continues to expand. In 2023, we achieved another significant milestone by affiliating with the¬†Brasil-Spain Chamber of Commerce. This affiliation holds special importance for us as it aligns with our software development and digital solutions business line in Brazil, known as Meisters Solutions. As a technology and innovation-driven company, Digiu is constantly seeking new market opportunities and establishing meaningful connections with potential clients and partners. Our focus remains in solidifying our position in the dynamic European and Latin American markets. I want to express my gratitude to the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce for welcoming us into their network, and I look forward to building strong and lasting relationships with fellow members. We are excited to embark on this journey together and make a positive impact on the business community. Willy Molll√ęr – Co-Founder & Board Member of Digiu Digital Group


AUSAPE Forum 2023

Industry experts and technology enthusiasts gather in Palma de Mallorca for inspiring discussions and insights in AUSAPE Forum AUSAPE Forum 2023 – The first day of the forum centered around the crucial role of motivation in driving team performance and fueling innovation. Renowned speakers and experts emphasized the significance of fostering a motivated workforce, exploring strategies. That way, they could unlock creativity, and nurturing a thriving work environment. Given that, attendees gained valuable insights into the transformative power of motivation, while adquires its ability to drive groundbreaking advancements. On the second day, the focus shifted to the technical aspects of integration. Esteemed speakers highlighted the importance of agile responses to evolving business requirements and effective integration of data systems. One notable presentation was delivered in partnership by the companies Digiu and Actiu. Titled “360’s Client Strategy: Changing B2B.” Digiu’s CEO, Emilio Osete, and Actiu’s eCommerce Manager, Bego√Īa Sanahuja, was shared as a case study. In that case, showcased successful strategies, goal setting, and also execution of a business vision. As a result, their collaboration provided valuable insights into navigating the ever-changing landscape and leveraging tech solutions to drive success. In order to ensure quality across all aspects of business operations is paramount for customer satisfaction and long-term success. Industry presenters shared innovative approaches to activating SAP solutions and maximizing their potential. In that case, to enhance product and service quality. Digiu’s collaboration with Actiu was highlighted as a compelling case study, demonstrating how quality-driven initiatives can foster customer loyalty and drive business growth. As a result, their collaboration provided valuable insights into navigating the ever-changing landscape and leveraging tech solutions to drive success. The XVIII AUSAPE Forum 2023 provided an unparalleled opportunity for industry professionals to stay at the forefront of business and technology trends. Above all, as a proud sponsor, Digiu actively participated in exchanging knowledge. That way, gaining valuable insights, and networking with like-minded individuals passionate about motivation, integration, speed, and quality. With a commitment to driving innovation and delivering unparalleled quality in the dynamic world of technology, Digiu remains dedicated to propelling businesses forward. Imagen anterior Imagen siguiente