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Digiu Digital nominated by SAP at the Partner Kickoff Meeting

At the recent SAP FKOM (Field Kick Off Meeting), Digiu Digital was recognized in the “Best New Partner of the Year” category, a significant milestone reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence in Customer Experience (CX) and Business Technology Platform (BTP) solutions. This nomination highlights Digiu Digital as a specialized consultancy in CX solutions, differentiating it in the ERP (S/4HANA) market.

The SAP Partner KickOff Meeting is an annual event that brings together industry experts and leaders to discuss trends, strategies, and innovations in the SAP ecosystem. During the event, led by Félix Monedero, General Director of SAP Spain, David González Seco, Director of Midmarket and Channels, and José María Bornás, Partner Management HUB Head for EMEA South, SAP’s impressive growth in 2023, which exceeded 30%, was highlighted.


Following our recent partnership with SAP as a PE Sell Partner in the second half of 2023, we were honored to receive an invitation to participate in this exclusive event. Despite already being SAP Partners and leaders in SAP CX Solutions in South Europe, our journey to becoming a PE Sell Partner started last year, and culminated in this remarkable nomination as the Best New Partner of the Year for 2023. This is a testament to our rapid growth and dedication within the SAP community.

What makes this recognition even more remarkable is that Digiu Digital Group stands as the sole specialist in Customer Experience (CX) solutions among the nominees, showcasing our unique expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

We have been nominated by SAP for our commitment to CX and BTP solutions


A key topic of the event was SAP’s growth strategy for 2024, focused on the adoption of cloud solutions. This approach aligns with global digitalization trends and the increasing demand for agile and scalable cloud solutions.

In the CX segment, the importance of data and Artificial Intelligence was emphasized, with a focus on the potential of the Emarsys marketing automation tool. This tool represents a significant advancement in how companies can interact with their customers, offering personalization and efficiency.

The EMEA region, and specifically Spain, was recognized for its exceptional growth within the SAP ecosystem, with Digiu Digital contributing significantly to this success. The areas of CX and BTP were identified as having high future growth potential, underscoring the importance of these solutions in the current digital transformation landscape.

Digiu Digital, as a leader in CX solutions and an SAP partner, continues to dedicate itself to providing innovative and efficient solutions for its clients, contributing to the advancement of digital transformation in the sector.

The event emphasized the significance of data and Artificial Intelligence in CX, focusing on the potential of the Emarsys marketing automation tool as a substantial advancement in customer interaction and efficiency

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