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AUSAPE’s Customer Experience event showcases Emarsys and SAP’s revolutionary approach to Customer Management

On July 14th, AUSAPE (Association of SAP Users in Spain) and Digiu Digital joined forces to promote an event that unveiled the collaborative efforts of SAP in revolutionizing customer management. The event was held as part of AUSAPE’s SAP CX Group, established last year through Digiu’s initiative.

The spotlight of the event fell on Emarsys, a powerful tool for efficient customer management that holds immense importance for both B2B and B2C markets.

Emarsys is a global powerhouse, empowering marketers worldwide with personalized omnichannel experiences that yield tangible business outcomes. With the added support of SAP, this platform brings even greater value to customers, enabling a truly personalized customer experience across marketing, commerce, sales, and service.

The event commenced with a comprehensive overview presented by the SAP CX group, led by Iciar Ibalza, coordinator of the CX Group and responsible for the eCommerce of Gonvarri Industries. Attendees gained valuable insights into the current landscape of customer management, with a particular focus on the key functionalities of Emarsys. This allowed participants to explore the capabilities of this robust tool and its potential in streamlining customer management processes.

The meeting also incorporated interactive question and answer segments, enabling attendees to engage with Iciar Ibalza and other experts. This dynamic exchange fostered a deeper understanding of Emarsys and its features, equipping participants with practical knowledge and actionable insights.

Digiu Digital, in collaboration with AUSAPE, contributed to the event by sharing invaluable insights into the implementation steps required for the successful integration of Emarsys within organizations. The presentation provided attendees with practical guidance, ensuring a seamless adoption of Emarsys into existing business structures and maximizing its benefits.
As the event drew to a close, closing remarks expressed gratitude to the participants and underlined the importance of effective customer management in the digital landscape.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the event and explore the transformative potential of Emarsys, we invite you to watch the full recording.: