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CCBE sets trend with an event about Live Shopping in eCommerce

The Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCBE) organized an innovative event highlighting the growing trend of Live Shopping in eCommerce. This concept, which emerged with Alibaba’s launch of Taobao Live, blends live shopping experiences with digital technology.

Unlike traditional teleshopping, this strategy of commerce connects live broadcasts to digital stores, allowing consumers to view products and interact with presenters or influencers. That way, the public can purchase products in real-time, while they are changing information with sellers and other consumers.

About the event

During the November 17th event, experts like Pedro Linsey from Vtex, Emilio Osete from Digiu Digital, Fernando Siles from Worten, and Valentín Hernández from Señor Mono discussed how this practice is transforming the online shopping experience, improving customer conversion rates and engagement. Live Shopping creates a sense of urgency and offers real-time interaction, mimicking the personal relationship established in physical stores.

The event also highlighted the success of global initiatives like “Black Shopping,” a pioneering concept that takes Live Shopping to a new level by bringing together multiple brands in a single event. This format not only allows consumers to access exclusive offers but also provides brands a powerful platform to position themselves in consumers’ minds as premium options during critical sales periods, like Black Friday.

CCBE concluded the event by projecting a future vision of eCommerce, emphasizing the global adoption of Live Shopping as a crucial strategy for market growth and expansion. The recording of the event is available for those interested in integrating this innovative trend into their commercial strategies, offering a valuable opportunity to learn from industry leaders.