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Digiu Digital and CCBE hosted event “Digital Customer”, unveiling insights on Digital Transformation

Industry experts shared invaluable strategies for thriving in the Digital Age

Digiu Digital and the Cámara de Comercio Brasil-Espanha (CCBE) co-hosted this week, on April 27th, an event titled “Digital Customer – New Business Models,” unveiling profound insights about digital transformation. This event gathered industry experts and leaders from global companies, who engaged in a panel discussion aimed at exploring the transformative power of digitalization while equipping attendees with strategies to succeed in the digital era.

Emilio Osete, CEO of Digiu Digital Group, and professor of Digital Transformation at the prestigious ESCP Business School, provided unique insights into the intricate workings of digital transformation.

CCBE and Digiu Digital Event

Joining the panel were:

  • Fernando Pozuelo, IT Innovation expert at Siemens and a key member of the global team DEC (Digitalization Enablement Center).
  • Iciar Balza, from Gonvarri Industries, a seasoned professional with over two decades in the company. Today is responsible for Gonvarri’s online business and is leading the digitalization of the company to meet the needs of a growing industrial business model. 
  • Alejandro Expósito, a driving force behind digital initiatives as the head of Digital, Innovation, and Cultural Transformation at Merck. With a background in IT leadership and a wealth of experience gained at prominent organizations like McDonald’s, Expósito offered unique perspectives on digital transformation strategies.

The panelists generously shared their expertise, experiences, and strategies, guiding attendees through the ever-evolving digital landscape. From emphasizing the significance of hyper-personalization to formulating winning digital strategies, participants gained invaluable knowledge into the essential elements required to maintain competitiveness in today’s digitally-driven world.

Here are the key takeaways from the event:
  • Embracing Digital Transformation: Experts emphasized the imperative for businesses to wholeheartedly embrace digital transformation in order to remain relevant and thrive in a rapidly changing market.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Hyper-personalization and delivering exceptional customer experiences were underscored as pivotal factors for success in the digital era.
  • Crafting a Winning Digital Strategy: Panelists delved into the importance of developing comprehensive digital strategies that align with business objectives and harness the potential of emerging technologies.
  • Sales Funnel vs Flywheel: The event explored the contrasting concepts of traditional sales funnels and the innovative flywheel model. Attendees gained insights into how the flywheel model enables continuous growth and customer-centricity by focusing on attracting, engaging, and delighting customers, thereby creating a self-sustaining loop.
  • Digitization vs Digitalization: The event shed light on the distinction between digitization and digitalization. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of how digitization involves converting analog processes into digital formats, while digitalization goes beyond mere conversion and encompasses the comprehensive transformation of business operations and strategies in the digital realm.

This event organized by Digiu Digital and CCBE has undoubtedly helped the attendees to understand how to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and harness the limitless potential of digital transformation.

Customer-Centric Approach: Hyper-personalization and delivering exceptional customer experiences were underscored as pivotal factors for success in the digital era.

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