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CEO of Digiu Digital Group collaborates at one of the best business schools in the world

The Group CEO and Co-Founder of Digiu Digital Group, Emilio Osete, was at the Madrid campus of the ESCP Business School on the 18th. This was the last day of the Digital Transformation practice of the Master in Management (MiM), a practice program with an average duration of three weeks that Emilio leads since 2015. Every year he conducts the introduction, teaches classes about Digital Transformation, answers students’ questions and participates in the final presentation of the qualification papers.

“The idea of this practice is to share with the students the experiences learned together with our customers, and create a business practice case based on a Digiu Digital’s customer, which means the students learn from a real case study and in a real environment.”, says Emilio.

Emilio Osete and Alejandro Ruiz in ESCP Business School
Emilio Osete and Alejandro Ruiz in ESCP Business School

Emilio Osete and Alejandro Ruiz, ESCP responsible, on the last day of this year’s practice

ESCP Business School is the first Business Management School in the world, founded in 1819. Today, it has six campuses: Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw. Recognized worldwide, the ESCP Business School’s Master in Management has been ranked 5th in the world in the Financial Times annual global ranking, out of 100 institutions. The Executive MBA program has also ranked 5th worldwide in terms of international course experience.

The Madrid campus, where Emilio teaches, welcomes more than 900 international students each year and is at the forefront of the School’s digital programs, offering Masters with digital orientation and digital development for leading companies.

Emilio is a digital entrepreneur. In 2019, he co-founded Digiu Digital and in 2020 he became a partner of the software development company Meisters Solutions. In 2021, Digiu Digital Group was formed, with the addition, alongside the two previous companies, of Medikus HealthTech Ecosystem, an innovative company that provides software and consulting highly specialized in the healthcare industry.

Digiu Digital is a global specialist in eCommerce, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation, and has been collaborating and in contact with ESCP not only to transmit knowledge of the practices and strategies we use in the digitalization processes of our clients, but also to attract young, innovative and international talents, who are eager to put into practice what they learn at the School and, thus, Digiu always have the best professionals to serve its customers.

“Digital Transformation is no longer just a recommended process, it is expected and even required if companies intend to remain competitive. That’s why this ESCP practice is so important. In our more than 20 years in the market, leading digital initiatives in the most diverse sectors, we have confirmed that the digitalization process occurs in particular ways in each company, and it is a change not only in technological resources and processes but also corporate culture. Embracing digital transformation has become a necessity, so we are proud of empowering young talented people as future digital leaders.” Emilio declares.