Digiu Digital

Celebrating 2023 at Digiu Digital Group

A Year of Innovation and Growth

2023: Year in Review

30% of growth on Digiu Digital Group

+10 New Products

+15 Countries with Projects

+20 Events Participation

In a dynamic year for Digiu Digital, we forged a strategic partnership with the Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCBE) and led influential webinars with AUSAPE, focusing on eCommerce in healthcare and introducing the innovative SAP ONE OFFICE concept. Our SAP Commerce Upgrade webinar revealed the advanced ASAP Update methodology, and we co-hosted a panel on new business models with industry leaders, in collaboration with CCBE. At the XVIII AUSAPE Forum 2023, we presented a successful B2B strategy with Actiu and shared our expertise in SAP Solutions for CX through various platforms, including an interview in AUSAPE’s magazine.

We spearheaded webinars on customer management with Emarsys and the transformative “SAP CX Suite: The Power of Intelligent CX”, while our AUSAPE CX Group sessions covered SAP Commerce Cloud applications and the role of Generative Intelligence in CX.

This year, we proudly sponsored the “SAP Discovery Day”, participated in AHK’s Oktoberfest and the CCBE’s Live Shopping event, and established a partnership with Tramontina, highlighting our expanding influence in the digital transformation landscape.

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