ONE OFFICE by SAP: The revolution in customer experience

One Office

The technology around customer solutions is constantly evolving, and SAP has presented a new concept that seeks to take the customer experience to the next level: ONE OFFICE.

During the second session of the Customer Experience group of AUSAPE – Group promoted by Digiu Digital to transmit to the SAP market the latest trends in CX – SAP presented the growth forecast of eCommerce in the next 4 years (+12%) compared to sales generated by EDI (+2.6%) or through offline channels (+6.9%), and also showed us the unstoppable advance of the marketplace model, with a difference of 41 percentage points compared to the eCommerce model, according to data from the last quarter of 2020.

But what stood out in the session was the presentation of One Office: an innovative proposal that seeks to transform the customer experience in an “Intelligent CX” model that focuses on customer identity, analytics, Low Code/No Code, integrations and Machine Learning.

One Office is a concept that seeks to more effectively integrate the Back and Front Office of CX projects. With a data-centric approach, platform-driven ecosystems and infinite scalability, One Office seeks to improve efficiency in CX project management and customer experience personalization. Analytics and machine learning technologies improve the decision-making efficiency of CX teams, while the use of Low Code/No Code enables greater flexibility and agility in the development of customized solutions. In addition, One Office focuses on the integration of all systems and platforms involved in CX management, to provide a consistent and uniform customer experience.

In short, One Office is a proposal that seeks to revolutionize the way companies approach customer experience. With this proposal, SAP is positioned at the forefront of the CX market and in the adoption of innovative technologies to improve the customer experience.

AUSAPE Customer Experience group session on 03/14/03
AUSAPE Customer Experience group session on 03/14/03

AUSAPE Customer Experience group session on 03/14/03

📸 Eduardo Rumenig Souza, Sales Analyst of Digiu Digital; Alyenny Castillo, Marketing and Communication of AUSAPE; Raquel Jiménez Martín, Sales Lead of Digiu Digital; Emilio Osete, CEO of Digiu Digital Group; Paolo Duci, Business Architect of SAP Customer Experience.