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How to meet your customers expectations and ensure a good CX?

You know the importance of good customer service, but do you have what it takes to measure its effectiveness? It’s more important than ever before to do so.

According to a 2016 report by NewVoiceMedia, one of the Global Leaders in Cloud-Based Contact Centers and Inside Sales Solution, 94% of customers would take their business elsewhere after just one bad experience with customer service.

Some other stats:

  • 89% of customers are more likely to make another purchase after a good experience. (Salesforce Research)
  • 63% of consumers expect businesses to know their needs and expectations. For B2B buyers, 76% expect the same thing. (Salesforce Research)
  • 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. (HubSpot Research)
  • Nearly three out of five consumers report that good customer service is key for them to feel loyalty toward a brand. (Zendesk)

A key aspect in ensuring that all the interactions with the customers are positive is creating a strategy for measuring and improving your service. Here’s how to start at your organization:

– Have the right tools in place.
If you don’t have an easy way to access and analyze data from the interactions with your clients, it’ll be difficult for your team to get a full picture or make meaningful improvements.

– Determine what constitutes a good customer service.
The phrase “good customer service,” unfortunately, means different things depending on whom you ask. To avoid confusion, work with your team to agree on specific metrics that can be measured and compared over time (ex., average time per call). This will allow you to pinpoint where there may be room for improvement.

– Identify gaps in your process— and fix them!
Once you have an objective method of measuring performance and a clearer understanding of what makes up great customer service, it’s much easier to identify potential lapses in quality. For example: Are most customers rating their interactions highly? Is there a correlation between shorter average handle times per call and happier customers? Ask yourself these questions often as you gather more data points using the tools at your disposal.

A powerful platform that brings solutions to all those topics is SAP Commerce. It helps companies save time, reduce complexity, and connect with customers across different channels, which further helps in achieving excellent customer experience.

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