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CCBE Interview with Digiu Digital

Emilio Osete speaking
Emilio Osete speaking in an interview

“The key to success is constant work, service vocation, and deep knowledge of the technological environments in which we operate”.

Check out the interview that the Camara de Comercio de Brasil-Espanha did with Emilio Osete, Digiu Digital Group’s CEO

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We interviewed Emilio Osete, CEO of Digiu Digital Group and one of our new partners. Digiu Digital is a consulting firm with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in digital models focused on customer and commerce, where it has implemented more than 500 projects.

It is integrated by a team of experts with international profiles and the capacity to address complex multi-technology projects in the areas of Digital Commerce, Customer Experience (Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Data Management), Digital Transformation, Customer Strategy, Digital Products, and Digital Software Development.

Based in Spain, Brazil, and Germany, Digiu Digital is one of the largest SAP Customer Experience solutions specialists in Southern Europe and one of the leaders in Spryker, Mirakl, and Salesforce implementations.

Once we have been able to know a little bit about their business, let’s get into the subject.

Digiu Digital is a company designed to help companies to go digital by making it easy for their customers. How and when was the company born?

Digiu Digital is a technology consultancy founded in 2019 to accelerate the digitization of large companies, and was born as a result of the absorption of FH by NTT; a circumstance that was taken advantage of by the directors of FH -Emilio Osete and Willy Möller- to create their brand. On the other hand, the growth achieved during these years has been so strong that Digiu Digital currently leads a group of companies with different business approaches. Meisters is a company based in Brazil that provides talent and resources in digital development; Medikus is the brand focused on the healthcare sector, which aims to accelerate the digital transformation of organizations in the healthcare ecosystem; and Digiu is the brand specialized in Customer Experience and Digital Commerce that leads the most important projects of the group.

Digiu is a company that operates in more than 25 countries, with more than 500 innovative projects. What is the key to your company’s success?

The key to success is constant work, the vocation of service, and a deep knowledge of the technological environments in which we operate, which has led us to be behind many important projects of large consulting firms, being responsible for the development and implementation of many innovative initiatives in countries on four continents.

At this moment, Digiu is a company with its entity and recognition in the market thanks to the trust placed in us by our partners, collaborators (SAP, Salesforce, Mirakl, and Spryker), and clients, among which I would like to highlight relevant companies such as Votorantim, Logista, Gonvarri, Areas, Ballesol, Girbau, Mercedes-Benz, Actiu, Abacus or Freixenet.

Finally, being a strategic partner that wins projects, rather than a supplier that wins contracts, helps us to establish lasting relationships with our clients, which is a differential.

What are the company’s key differentiators, and what aspects of your services would you highlight?

The main key differential is the specialization, the level of expertise of our professionals, and their ability to work in complex multi-technology environments, which allows us to have in the same team all the necessary skills to undertake projects from start to finish; from their strategic conception to their implementation. This is something that does not happen in other consulting firms, with very “atomized” teams in different areas, markets, or locations, and perhaps more numerous but not as specialized. On the other hand, being a company specializing in eCommerce and Customer Experience has led us to lead a niche of solutions that every day has more demand due to the rise of digital commerce and the importance of “customer experience”, which requires high doses of hyper-personalization. Thus, Digiu Digital is currently the leader in Southern Europe in SAP Customer Experience solutions and the first partner in Iberia of the company that has just been ranked by Gartner as a world leader in Composable Commerce (Spryker).

Given the current situation, we are experiencing worldwide, with a possible global recession looming, how has Digiu adapted to avoid suffering the consequences of the situation we are experiencing worldwide?

Digiu has been working remotely since its foundation, managing global projects and international teams with Agile tools, which allows us to manage our projects and clients with a level of excellence and efficiency not found in other consulting firms.

On the other hand, the market in which we operate is in full growth and expansion, as we help companies to digitize to be more efficient, and this activity has no prospects of decreasing.

On the contrary, it is a question of continuing to acquire knowledge to be at the forefront of the demands of the large corporations with which we hope to continue collaborating.

In addition to providing digital solutions, what other areas do you work in?

We work in all areas of customer transformation and digital business models, i.e.: Digital Commerce, Digital Process Transformation, Customer Strategy, Sales/CRM, Marketing; Customer Service, Data Management, and Digital Products and Development. Around these solutions, we provide other services such as system maintenance and complex integrations. To this, we must add that we are a company very focused on product development, as our DNA is in the constant creation of solutions for the digital ecosystem.

How can Digiu help European companies and, in particular, Spanish companies wishing to set up in Brazil?

Digiu Digital, through Meisters (our operation in Brazil), can help large Spanish corporations to launch or expand their digital commerce projects in Latam, using Brazil and our large team of consultants as a base of operations. In Brazil, the portfolio of services is similar to Spain, although we could add our expertise in Brazilian taxation. Finally, providing all types of technology profiles in the Brazilian market facilitates collaboration by having different working models that can be adapted to each business and company casuistry.

We are the leading brand in Customer Experience in Southern Europe with several projects implemented; and we have just successfully launched, together with SAP, the first Customer Experience group in the Association of SAP Users in Spain (AUSAPE); our main challenge in the short term is to make this group the benchmark in this area of knowledge in Spain.

On the other hand, in 2023 we are working on the development of our software products and we continue our multi-technology expansion in all areas of customer solutions, thus accumulating an increasingly multidisciplinary experience that allows us to be a neutral advisor for our customers, independently advising them on the best strategy at all times.

On a more practical note, what do you expect from the Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce as a partner?

We hope to contribute to the much-needed awareness of Spanish managers in terms of digital transformation, thanks to the Committee that the Chamber is launching and, on the other hand, we hope to establish a series of relationships in the environments in which the Chamber operates, both in Brazil and Spain, which will contribute to the expected growth. For us, being in an association related to Digiu’s DNA is a strategic decision and a source of pride.