Digiu Digital

Commerce in healthcare sector, Emilio Osete

Digiu Digital shared knowledge in AUSAPE’s webinar “Digital Commerce in Healthcare”.

In this webinar, carried out at the initiative of Digiu Digital in AUSAPE, Emilio Osete – CEO of the Group – presented to the attendees the role of e-commerce in the digital strategy in the healthcare sector, and also explained the steps to launch e-commerce in 1 month and the possible monetization strategies.

In short, how to carry out the strategy and implementation, as well as the aspects to consider in each phase of development: how to define priorities for the online channel; product and market development; positioning and differentiation strategies; business model, services and income; organization of internal resources; future growth roadmap; online marketing strategies; organization of channels and tools…

Osete also dedicated a few minutes to present Medikus: the health division of the Digiu Group focused on the socio-sanitary ecosystem. In this chapter, Osete briefly explained the success story of Ballesol and the Hospital Information System, which is helping the group of residents to be at the forefront of digitization and patient care and customer service.

It was a really interesting webinar that you can listen to here: