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Transform your business with our SAP Emarsys package.

We understand the POWER of effective marketing and we would like to guide you to success with our SAP Emarsys package, expressly designed to enhance your strategies significantly and open the doors to achieving extraordinary results with an implementation of only 12 weeks, in addition to being packaged certified by SAP.

Customer Journeys Personalizados

Create unique and individualized customer experiences.

Boost your customers' engagement with specific and relevant content.


Harness the power of data analytics to develop the best strategies.

Optimize your campaigns based on real-time information.


Create, launch and optimize personalized multichannel campaigns with speed and agility.

Personalizing the power of data

Consolidated data represents the biggest obstacle for marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences. Furthermore, the systems in charge of making it viable do not always make it easy.

Benefits of SAP Emarsys


Consolidate all the information and activate it in all marketing and e-commerce channels.


Understand the wants and needs of your customers and launch sophisticated and personalized campaigns in an omnichannel way, on all channels and in real time, using AI and unified data.


Empower your marketing team and help them run simple single-channel campaigns, or create sophisticated pre-segmented multi-channel navigations.


Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns on revenue, forecast campaign results, and effortlessly optimize future performance without relying on a dedicated data team.

Results with Marketing Boost

Increase Income

Increase visit conversion rates, purchase frequency, email conversion for new customers, etc.

Reduces the cart abandonment rate.

Improves the number of leads generated.

Reduce Costs

Decreases the cost of executing campaigns.

Reduces manual and operational tasks significantly, in hours.

Optimize Resources

Efficiently managed the marketing budget.

Launch the most appropriate strategies on the market that help you maximize the return in €.


Innovating together with manufacturers and customers through our products and services, that sums up all the experience we have accumulated.
SAP_Recurso 5_marketingBoost

Your brand deserves to be at another level.

It's time.

Contact us for more information at paquetizado.emarsys@digiudigital.com
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