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Over 20 years transforming businesses with intelligence and technology

We design, develop and operate digital projects with one mission: to make digitalization as simple as possible, helping businesses on the radical but valuable move of automate and modernize their processes, focused on Digital Customer Experience.

We develop the strategies and create new channels to combine with the traditional ones, performing a real digitalization and transformation.


What we do

Digital Strategy

Planning and analysis to execution and monitoring. We help businesses create effective digital strategies that enable them to achieve their goals and maximize ROI. From creating new digital solutions, to optimizing digital marketing and managing data.

Digital Transformation

Digital solutions to help companies embrace digital transformation and adapt to market changes. From planning and strategy to implementation and maintenance.

Digital Commerce

We deliver agile ecommerce platforms with the scalability and reliability of SAP Commerce, Spryker, Salesforce, and many other partners, to help businesses reach new digital customers. 

Customer Experience

We help businesses improve their customers' experience at every touchpoint by creating personalized and omnichannel experiences.

Digital Products

We offer a wide range of digital products. From automation tools to custom applications, our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each company.


We help businesses improve and optimize their systems and processes by integrating existing applications or creating new integration solutions.

Infrastructure and DevOps

We help companies migrate to the cloud and implement DevOps and DevSecOps practices to improve their infrastructure and security. 


We create scalable and flexible microservices architectures that allow companies to adapt to market changes. From planning and design to implementation and management.

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Boris Lokschin Partner & General Director | Spryker

With Digiu, we help clients achieve their digital commerce goals, regardless of their current situation.

logo gonvarri industries
Icíar Balza Head of eCommerce | Gonvarri Industries

Digiu was instrumental in our digital transformation process, not only in the implementation of a new B2B e-commerce channel and the integration of our processes, but also in structuring a strategic plan for our business model and customers.

Christian Gleichman Marketing and eCommerce Director | KP-Family, Munich

CX Monitoring was a game changer. We are now able to proactively identify and address any issues that arise with our commerce. This has not only helped us to improve the overall customer experience, but it has also saved us time and resources by allowing us to quickly resolve any problem before they escalate.

Become a real digital company


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