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Digital Transformation New Online Channel E-Commerce B2B

About Customer

Leading company in the transformation of flat steel and aluminum, with more than 60 years experience. It manufactures various products grouped into four business lines, with 45 factories and 20 distribution centers and offices in 19 countries.

Customer need

Digital transformation: business model, clients, organizational

Our Proposals

  • Online strategy channel
  • Real pilot launch underway in 4 weeks, with own OEM license
  • E-commerce development channel 2020-21: eGonvarri
  • Global digital customer strategy (+20 countries, different solutions)
  • Acquisition of licenses and migration to SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Strategic plan 2022-24
  • Online channel 50% revenue in 2024

Our Actions

Digital transformation: business model, clients, organizational


Nowadays, the online channel is the most relevant initiative of Gonvarri’s digital transformation.

Worldwide geographic growth, with a digital global customer strategy to reach 50% of the total business in 2024.

Digiu fue fundamental en nuestro proceso de transformación digital, no solo en la implementación de un nuevo canal -ecommerce B2B- y en la integración de nuestros procesos, sino también en la estructuración de un plan estratégico para nuestro modelo de negocio y clientes.