ASAP Update Webinar

Webinar provides valuable insights into upgrading your SAP Commerce

On April 14th, Digiu Digital hosted a webinar titled “SAP Commerce Upgrades with Digiu ASAP Update” to address the pressing need for companies to upgrade their SAP Commerce system. The webinar highlighted the impending end of maintenance for previous versions of SAP Commerce and the importance of upgrading to the latest version to ensure system security and access to the latest functionalities.

Emilio Osete and Larissa Pereira, CEO and CTO of Digiu Digital group, presented the ASAP Update, an exclusive methodology designed by Digiu Digital and Meisters Solutions – the software development business line of thel group – to execute these upgrades in a controlled way, on time and within the budget, reducing risks and costs for companies. The speakers also shared two successful cases and the main technical and functional aspects of this methodology.

For those who missed the webinar, we encourage you to get in touch with Digiu for more information about upgrading your SAP Commerce system to the latest version using the ASAP Update methodology.

SAP Commerce Updates

As with any software solution, regular updates are necessary to keep SAP Commerce running smoothly and to take advantage of the latest features and functionality.

When SAP Commerce releases a new version, it usually includes various bug fixes, security patches, and new features that address user feedback and improve overall performance. It is essential to stay up-to-date with these updates to ensure that the system continues to function correctly and to protect against potential security vulnerabilities.

SAP Commerce follows a maintenance schedule, where each version receives regular support and updates for a specified period. Once the end of maintenance date is reached, customers must upgrade to the latest version to receive continued support and maintenance.

Here is a table with the end of maintenance dates for SAP Commerce versions:

table end of maintenance for sap commerce cloud


As you can see, SAP Commerce version 1905, for example, has stopped receiving regular support and updates in March 2023. Therefore, companies using this version must upgrade to a newer version to ensure continued maintenance.

ASAP Update

Going through the traditional upgrade process can be time-consuming and risky. That’s where ASAP Update comes in. ASAP Update is an exclusive methodology designed by Digiu Digital and Meisters Solutions to help businesses quickly and continuously upgrade their SAP Commerce platform with minimal risk and execution time, whether updating an On-Premise version or upgrading to the Commerce Cloud. The method ensures a transition to the latest version in as little as four weeks, depending on the complexity of the system.

About Digiu Digital

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