CX Monitoring Cloud

 CX Monitoring is a special solution to monitor your business and avoid that issues impact your customers


  • No more "fire fighting"

    proactive and preventive monitoring, anticipating the problem

  • No more lose control

    generation of customized alerts and reports according to the business needs

  • No more customer complaints

    generate the best commerce experience

  • No more surprises

    Be the first to know and solve the problem before your customer find out

Make it easier with
CX Monitoring

Form LP Monitoring

Anticipate the problems and stay ahead of the competition

CX Monitoring is a perfect fit to control your business data application in time. This solution was tailored for your needs finding to monitor the health and performance of your apps and solve problems quickly.

Proactive & preventive management

Anticipate the problem before it affects the client

Customized alerts & reports

Generate customized alerts and reports according to customer's needs


Ours solution can monitor any type of application


Metrics to monitor your customized alerts and business performance

Easy to handle

Monitor and manage the application in your hands

Happy Customers

Create a great customer experience and grow your business

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